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35 Comments on "Correction of personal details"

Satya jena
4 days 16 hours ago

Helli sir my problem is i am changed my job and new company wants my esic number i give that but now their are some mistake in my personal details like name ,dob,marrtial status…what can i do now..? Help me

gouraw kumar tiwari
11 days 12 hours ago

sir, my name is gouraw tiwari. i got two esic no. by mistake of employer because i have changed my job so i joined other company, my contractor given me second no where i joined as a new employee whereas my first no is already going on. and all contributions are depositing on first esic no. due to having been given second esic no by contractor i thought that may first no was closed so i linked our aadhar no with second no. now i want to close second esic no. please help me how close another esic no in case another esic no to be generated by mistake.

19 days 4 minutes ago


I want to update my temporary address as i have moved out from that location and residing in new location. Please suggest

Rahul pandya
27 days 19 hours ago

Dear sir how can i change my date of birth and fathers name detail in esic which is wrongly filled.

12 days 18 hours ago

Hello Rahul did u got the answer how to change the details

1 month 14 days ago

hi, how to change gender on ESIC ? By mistake written female in place of Male.


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